Latest Project: Kocky Kicking Cocktails

Kocky Kicking Cocktails Logo

Kocky Kicking Cocktails (KKC) is a mobile bartending service. The business specializes in beverage mixing/selling and bartending. Additional services include hookah and hors d’oeuvres. There are multiple packages depending on the customer’s needs. KKC is affordable, fun, fresh, and prides itself on being unique in its own way!

After its recent launch, KKC contacted me to help with the company brand which was to design a logo. KKC wanted to establish their identity as something that is “homemade,” “rustic,” “clean,” and “fresh.” These words were a great start in creating the perfect logo that will be the face of the company. After several ideas were thrown around, initial logo drafts were created on paper. Afterwards, the second logo drafts were translated into a digital medium where I designed multiple iterations with different typefaces and forms. The next drafts were experimentations with color, form, and graphics. Finally, after several revisions the client decided to go with a circular logo that had a wooden backdrop, centered figure of an outlined mason jar, angled header of the company name with distressed texture, and top/bottom turquoise border around the header with a paint stroke effect.


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